Homoeopathy is Meta-Science (parascience)!!
'What is essential is invisible to the eye.' by the Little Prince

We are going to hold the 13th JPHMA congress (annual academic congress) for the public at Belle Salle Kanda in Tokyo as the main venue and the nation's five and London venues connected with live telecast on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2012.

The theme of this year's congress is 'Homoeopathy is Meta-Science'. I think many people have never heard the word 'Meta-Science'. This means a new (Meta) science beyond the framework of conventional science.

Originally, science is a study which constructs and applies theories explained reasonably from observed phenomena and facts. However, in fact the phenomena and facts which do not fit to current scientific theories tend to be ignored or rejected as they cannot be happened.

If the phenomena and facts which do not fit to scientific theories are observed, it means obviously that the conventional theory will be incorrect and more comprehensive formulation of theory will be needed to explain the new phenomena. There is no way that theories are correct rather than the facts. Progress and purpose of science is to overcome the current theories but unfortunately current science has hit an unsurpassable wall.

The reason is particularly that scientists regard them as non-existent because they are invisible and undetectable even though we are certainly aware them in our sense. However, important truth is hidden in the invisible things (such as life, love, consciousness, thought and emotion) and if the science doesn't accept them, it will be imperfect forever and it cannot lead human to happiness truly.

The SF novel 'The Little Prince' written by Saint-Exupéry says 'What is essential is invisible to the eye'. If ignoring the 'essentials' is science, treating the 'essentials' will be Meta-Science and it  should be a real science. The essence of Meta-Science is in this phrase so it became a subhead of this congress.

torako yui

Remedy used for homoeopathy is made by repeating of dilution and succussion. Because it is diluted until no molecule of original substance is involved, it is thought to be impossible to have effects without original substance and ignored from medical and scientific field. However, in fact, it affects human's body individually (this has been proved by double blind test) though remedy doesn't include substance. Therefore, it can be thought the information of substance is preserved by some form in the remedy.

More importantly, homoeopathy, which the fundamentals were found by German physician Samuel Hahnemann 222 years ago, has been verified by billions of homoeopathic therapist and used for treatments, and innumerable people have gained the benefit of the extraordinary effects of treatment in the history. Currently it has become the second therapy behind Chinese medicine, which has more than billion users in the world.

The role for science is to accept the homoeopathic clinical facts as actual facts, to develop a scientific theory to explain the facts and to contribute to the human happiness.

On the other hand, in order to resolve the domestic and international issues confronting our nation, and revive Japan from Great East Japan earthquake last year, this is the period that wonderful outcomes of research for Meta-Science have been revealed.

In this congress, we will have presentations of cutting-edge academic findings from the teachers, Mr. Hideyuki Iijima, Mr. Nozomu Miyajima, Dr. Masayoshi Takahashi and Dr. Kaoru Kawada who open the door of new science, and also have a panel discussion under the theme of Meta-Science and homoeopathy inviting the experts of power of words, Mr. Shinetu Ohshita, as the chairman.

I think the Meta-Scientists who treat life scientifically will speak 'important things' with unique theory, and I am looking forward to hearing it because I heard that some teacher tries to explain the homoeopathic efficiency relating the theme.

As a chairperson of the congress, I am planning to present homoeopathic case reports treated human, animal and plant under the theme of 'helped by invisible things (remedy that stimulates self-healing and ability of natural healing)'. In addition, the representative of 600 homoeopaths and users of homoeopathy of JPHMA and from Germany where is the origin of homoeopathy, Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt will talk about current situation in Germany and importance of laughing.

torako yui

I believe that we, homoeopaths should be Meta-Scientist, as most of fields which deal with are something invisible and not treated by conventional science such as 'ability of natural healing', 'consciousness', 'mind', 'trauma', 'inner-child', 'emotion', 'life', 'spirit', 'God', 'devotion', 'living in my life', 'Qi', 'chakra', 'spiritualness', 'happiness' and 'love'.

Furthermore, I think it is necessary for 'natural farming and agriculture' and 'smile and humor therapy' to understand Meta-Science which exceeds current science. Therefore, this congress will be precious opportunity for homoeopaths and students of homoeopathy to learn and implement the theories that explains 'important things' reasonably.

I think the key word of Japanese revival is just 'Be natural!' Please join this congress if you think you are the person who carry Mikoshi together to revive Japan and World through homoeopathy and Meta-Science.

I sincerely hope that as many people as possible will released from mind control by conventional science, and everyone will bring the true realization home. Additionally, I hope new era will be started heading to Japanese revival taking this opportunity.

At the Tokyo venue, a convivial gathering and party will also be held. We ask for messages from widely everyone from home and abroad, who agree with this congress theme. Please talk with many people at this opportunity. I'm looking forward to seeing you everyone at main venue Belle Salle Kanda and CHhom Sapporo college, Nagoya college, Osaka college, Fukuoka college and Okinawa college where will be connected with live telecast.

Torako Yui
Chairperson of JPHMA

Dates and venue

Sat 29 and Sun 30 September 2012
Main venue
Belle Salle Kanda 【map】
Congress hubs
College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom)
(*5 branches in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa)
  The Japan Royal Academy of Homoeoapthy in the U.K. (RAHUK) (*only partial time)【map】

Homoeopathic case presentations

With selected JPHMA registered homoeopaths among 600 all over Japan, Torako Yui, who is the leading person of homoeopathy in Japan and is also a farmer who practices natural farming,  heading with list, will give homoeopathic cases of human-beings, animals and plants. On the first day, a German homoeopath, Rosina Sonnenschmidt, will also give a presentation from RAHUK.

  • Trako Yui, chairperson of JPHMA
    Theme: Being supported by something invisible ... its case series
  • Rosina Sonnenschmidt, German homoeopath Theme: Humour therapy and homoeopathy - Current situation in Germany and importance of laughing

*We will announce presentations by JPHMA registered homoeopaths as soon as they are selected.
*Practical case with homoeopathic natural farming by a farmer, Homoeopathic experience by a self-care homoeopathy user from Family homoeopaths and Homoeopathy Toranoko member, Homoeopathic case from affected area in Great East Japan Earthquake.

Presentations by Meta-Scientists

A new scientific system 'Meta-Science', which conventional science could not deal with such as source of live, memory of water, and self-healing ability. The Meta-Scientists will give their cutting-edge studies.

  • Hideyuki Iijima, the head director of a general incorporated foundation, TENEMOS international Environment Research Foundation
    Theme: Future science is about blonomy - basics of free energy
  • Kaoru Kawada, a doctor of Science, the minister of Kawada laboratory
    Theme: World of ultratrace amount - focusing on minerals and water
  • Masayoshi Takahashi, a doctor of Engineering, incorporated administrative agency SANGYO GIJUTSU multidiscipline laboratory
    Theme: Microscopic world - Wonder of tiny bubbles
  • Nozomu Miyajima, the minister of incorporated agricultural union KYODOGAKUSHA SHINTOKU FARM
    Theme: Light, water, life and homoeopathy raved by electromagnetic wave

Panel discussion

We invite Mr Shinetsu Oshita, a natural farmer (president of Green Owner Club, GOP) as the chair, presenters and Mr Naruse from GENKI NOUGYOU KAIHATU KIKOU (Vigorous farming organisation) will discuss about science to lead human-beings to true happiness, issue of food and agriculture, etc.

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